Canon PRO Series: edge to edge printing, versatile, affordable, water based print technology

We just happen to think that the Canon Pro is one of the best wide-format inkjet water-based printer series yet.

This cleverly thought-through range of machines can meet the high-quality standards of photographers, artists and design specialists as well as meeting the production speed needed for quick turnaround posters, POS, window graphics and signage.

One of our favourite features is its capacity to print edge-to-edge to perfection with no need to trim prints! Canon has done a great job and whilst they haven't re-invented the wheel, they have certainly created a new generation of inkjet technology that performs brilliantly.
The Canon Pro Series has only the one printhead that has an impressive 18,432 nozzles with integrated anti-clogging technology. This ensures that your printer maintains optimum-quality output, and its wider-width head has been engineered to meet the output speeds needed in this “I want it and need it now” marketplace.

We also give 5 stars to the multi-functional roll system that allows you to easily switch between 2 different media or, with the push of a button, opt to use the second roller as a take-up unit when printing longer runs.

Loading the Canon Pros takes only a few seconds and this is definitely a bonus in saving time and being as efficient as you can be – especially when you consider how tricky some machines can be.

Papergraphics keeps a full stock of all inks and these are available in 160ml, 330ml and 700ml, so no more money sitting in the machine with colours you don't often use plus, there is the flexibility to mix and match cartridge sizes for colours as and when you need them. Cartridges can be changed even when the machine is in full flow. Smart ink thinking from Canon.

You'll find the manufacturer's marketing material at the bottom of this page; including datasheets, videos and photos — however, if you’d like an independent expert view, need to know more about the Canon PRO Series or want us to set up a demonstration for you — please give us a call.  


  • Edge-to-Edge printing technology which helps to reduce total production costs by eliminating cutting time
  • Compact design, using up less floor space.
  • High colour gamut
  • Very low running costs across the board (power consumption / printheads / inks)
  • Fast print speeds
  • Amazing results for fine-art applications
  • Dual-roll, self loading system


  • As it is water based ink, the output still needs to be protected if going outdoors or in areas where it will be handled
  • Believe it or not, the disruptive price-point actually makes people think it's not as good as more expensive alternatives .. It's not true… !!!

Ideal Applications

  • Backlit
  • Canvas
  • Pop-Ups
  • Posters
  • Roll-Ups
  • Window Graphics
  • Fine-Art
  • Photographic
  • CAD / GIS

Models in the range:


610mm wide (24") wide, 12-colour | Cartridge sizes 160ml 330ml 700ml | A1 print time, coated paper, standard mode 1:37min


1118mm wide (44") wide, 12-colour | Cartridge sizes 160ml 330ml 700ml | A0 print time, coated paper, standard mode 2:51min


1118mm wide (44") wide, 8-colour | Cartridge sizes 160ml 330ml 700ml | A0 print time, coated paper, fast mode 1:35min


1524mm wide (60") wide, 12-colour | Cartridge sizes 160ml 330ml 700ml | A0 print time, coated paper, standard mode 2:51min


1524mm wide (60") wide, 8-colour | Cartridge sizes 160ml 330ml 700ml | A0 print time, coated paper, fast mode 1:35min

What the manufacturer says:


The new imagePROGRAF PRO-2000 and imagePROGRAF PRO-4000 are designed to bring stunning image quality to professional photographers and fine art applications, while the new imagePROGRAF PRO-4000S and imagePROGRAF PRO-6000S deliver fast and reliable printing to high-volume print service providers that require photo quality prints such as posters, banners and canvas.

Superior image quality for professional users
The 12-colour PRO-2000 and PRO-4000 enable the full clarity and texture of photographs taken with a Canon EOS camera to be perfectly reproduced. Thanks to Canon’s unique input-output technology and Crystal-fidelity feature, photos look as accurate printed as when they were captured. Available in two sizes (24” and 44”) the PRO-2000 and PRO-4000 feature an attractive black design with an accentuated red line, denoting the link with Canon EOS digital cameras. The new devices use newly developed LUCIA PRO pigment ink to meet the demands of the most critical photographers and graphic artists, as well as transparent Chroma Optimiser ink to improve print performance on gloss paper.

Mathew Faulkner, European Marketing Manager for Wide Format Group, Canon Europe says “At Canon, we understand the importance of fine detail and precise colours to professional users. Images shot on even mid-range cameras can be very high resolution, and with the ability of today’s image editing software, this demands a highly accurate and colour-consistent output. The powerful technology of the new PRO-2000 and PRO-4000 models, not only provide incredible image reproduction, but the small footprint makes them ideal for any office, studio or design department.”

Unbeatable efficiency for print service providers
Also available in two sizes, (44” and 60”), the PRO-4000S and PRO-6000S boast an ergonomic compact design, which is ideal for time and space-pressed print operations in graphic arts, advertising and creative sectors. With a powerful L-COA PRO engine capable of processing large volumes of high-res images and data with ease, the new devices enable poster-quality printing at twice the speed of current imagePROGRAF 8 colour models. Full connectivity and Wi-Fi functionality ensures optimum productivity for busy environments.

Mathew Faulkner continues, “Whether for PSPs or in-house print departments in retailers or educational facilities, the trend towards more operational efficiency and on-demand printing is undeniable. There is a growing requirement not only for high quality imaging, but for ease of use and efficient media handling, as well as high-speed and uninterrupted printing to support high-volume output. These fundamental tools require a powerful and dependable large format printer. The PRO-4000S and PRO-6000S deliver speed, accuracy and colour vibrancy, making them ideal for both print-for-pay and print-for-use environments.”

The new devices feature Canon’s unique dual roll technology to support continuous paper feeding and take-up of printed output, while direct printing from a USB memory stick enables fast and easy prints. The imagePROGRAF PRO series is further improved by the new precision 1.28” wide print head and high-capacity ink tanks for fast, uninterrupted printing.



OEM Photo - CanonPro2000
OEM Photo - CanonPro4000S
OEM Photo - CanonPro6000S