Laminating systems that help you profit from selling finished solutions and not just prints!

A print is just a print until it's "finished". Through including lamination as part of your large-format print-solution service, not only can you offer extra protection, strength and enhancement to the images you print for your customers, but a lamination service can also quickly reap the rewards of a quick return on investment and a substantial increase in revenue. 

"We have seen it first-hand … businesses that have invested in laminating machines and promoted the service have doubled, and in some cases, even tripled their revenue".

The profit available in offering a print-finishing service will not be news for customers who already work with us to maximise their return on investment in print equipment. 

However, if you don’t yet have a laminator or your current laminator is old and in the way, now is the time to seriously consider investing in modern lamination technology that will see your profits grow and allow you to offer an enhanced print service to your customer base.

Papergraphics have partnered with a leading equipment manufacturer to bring you technology that guarantees perfect results every time. Our range of laminators includes cold, hot or heat-assisted machines that work well with aqueous, solvent, eco-solvent, latex and UV curable inks.

Laminators take up relatively little floor space in comparison to the profit they can generate and every piece of equipment we sell has been trialled, tested and selected for its top-notch performance and ability to meet all of our customer's digital-print finishing requirements.

If you are looking for the single most effective way to increase your profits, or are looking to invest in a lamination system that is fully compatible with specific applications or ink technology, all you need do is get in touch with Papergraphics.