Are you interested in reducing your ink costs?

Like fuel to cars — ink is the vital component that drives a large-format print business.

Generally speaking, the ink you use is pre-determined by the machine you use. Machine manufacturers do their best to ensure that is the case as it is this income that is central to their business strategies. We've all seen the crazy home-printer scenarios where its cheaper to buy a new printer than refill your old one. Fortunately, things aren't quite that mad in our industry (yet!).

However, if you haven't taken a long hard look at your machine running costs recently, it might be worthwhile doing so. Machines have changed over the past years, as have some manufacturers attitudes towards ink pricing. Over the past couple of years, we've helped many of our customers realise significant ongoing savings by upgrading their equipment, in many cases generating ROI's below 12 months due to the reduction in ink costs.

Brand new or older machine, you'll always need ink, and sometimes the options can be limited as that ink revenue is so crucial to the manufacturers, they tend to do their utmost to control its distribution to maximum profit — "that said; Papergraphics may still be able to help you reduce your ink costs!"

Papergraphics supply ink for large-format printers.

At Papergraphics our purchasing team are focused on continually negotiating the best bulk purchases, and tracking "favourable" changes in exchange rates to keep our prices competitive and stocks available. We stock thousands of inks, printheads, cleaning kits and all that paraphernalia, for the manufacturers, we partner with (Canon, Epson, HP, Oce, Jetrix, Seiko).

For other manufacturers such as Roland, Mimaki, Mutoh, and so on, we have partnered with leading ink manufacturer Inktec, to be able to supply a variety of tried and tested compatible ink systems.

Some manufacturers may tell you that using compatibles could invalidate your warranty — "this is not true" — it has been tested in EU courts and has been ruled unlawful for OEMs to do this.

SO — are you interested in reducing your ink costs? 

Call us to see if we can help you bring that everpresent overhead down and increase your profit!