Create new opportunities and revenue streams with in-house large-format cutting and routing

In-house cutting and routing have already become a profitable large-format finishing service for print companies focused on delivering a product rather than just a print — and the trend is set to continue!

The increase of in-house digital cutting facilities is a trend that is easy to understand, as the capabilities of everything from the small footprint contour cutters to the larger multifunctional flatbed cutters have increased considerably. 

By improving productivity and integrating cutting systems into the digital print finishing workflow, digital cutting systems have also been helping many large-format print companies to move into new markets using a broad range of substrates and offering new and profitable products and services.

In-house cutting and routing is a valuable large-format finishing service — but it pays to think ahead.

The lifespan of premium cutting and routing equipment is often 15 years, so it can also make sense to consider your future needs and business growth rather than merely choosing the cutter that matches your requirements today. Papergraphics can advise on the right products for your business, and help you to explore the opportunities in this ever-changing, competitive marketplace.  

Talk to Papergraphics today. With our unique knowledge of how machines and media work together, we can help you to deliver the fantastic results you want.