We have an industry leading team of colour management and profiling experts

Colour management is all about getting it right the first time! 

"When you explore statistics that suggest that more than 20% of a large-format printer’s costs are due to wastage, developing digital workflows based on the science of repeatable results becomes a significant business consideration".

Papergraphics has a team of colour experts that are indisputably market-leading specialists in large-format digital print colour management. 

Our colour technicians are focused on helping you to deliver the consistency and control that produces a commercial return through reducing the reprints that eat away at your profit. Our technicians will also support your team in developing the kind of industry-leading "colour confidence" that opens doors to big-brand customers that demand colour consistency and accuracy in everything they do.

Papergraphics, colour management service, extends well beyond the sales and integration of colour management software; "it’s about helping you to develop a standards-based and automated colour management system that can achieve accurate, consistent and predictable colour both day-on-day and between different machines using different ink technology".

The Papergraphics approach is measurement based colour management that follows "best-practice" to move you from the reliance on the subjective perception and skills of talented individuals to one where all operators can output the same file, on different machines, on different days and still achieve the same high-quality results.

Papergraphics colour experts have transformed what was once a tricky subject to teach, and often only of benefit to one or two naturally talented individuals, into an efficient, productive process that your entire team will benefit from — delivering results that both you and your customers will notice!