We offer training in everything from large-format print management to media installation

You work in a dynamic and fast-moving marketplace, and you focus much of your time on delivering the work of your business while lead-times get shorter and shorter. While at the same time, manufacturers (of technology and media) and the trade-press keep banging on about all the opportunities and profit that each new technology or new media application can offer you—so how do you square that circle?

Papergraphics can help you and your team to deliver an industry-leading and diversified service.

Papergraphics are dedicated to understanding the opportunities in large-format print technology and have been for decades. We’re an independent company, and to create media that deliver the day-to-day efficiency that you need, and address the new marketplace opportunities, we had to develop the necessary specialist skills and expertise in everything from print technology and colour management to media application … "and we’re focused on sharing that knowledge with you".

We offer training and development that covers hardware, software, colour and print management, media and application.

The Papergraphics Application Center has been created to deliver the training needed for printers to make the most of their current machinery and to rapidly and successfully expand into new marketplaces.

We believe that our training services are essential to our commitment to support our customers. 

“We’re focused on helping you to maximise the return on any investment you have made in print technology, and to support your objectives to rapidly benefit from the many large-format marketplace opportunities that are already available or on the horizon”.