Forget the rest and get trained by the best! Interior décor training by the digital décor experts

Papergraphics is the indisputable market-leader in large-format interior décor and high-end digital wallcoverings; we're also a member of the prestigious RIBA CPD Providers Network, and we're here to share our knowledge with print providers, interior designers, architects and specifiers.

Digital Décor installation training for large-format print providers.

Everyone in the marketplace is now aware of the growth potential of large-format digital décor, and many are scrambling for the opportunity to be that bit better, bigger, faster and smarter. Near on ten years ago, Papergraphics were one of the first companies to see the market potential of digital decor, yet only recently has it been acknowledged (even by the big OEMs) that interior décor applications represent the most significant growth potential for large-format print companies.

From the days when the concept of "digital decor" was a mere blip on the radar, Papergraphics has worked on developing unique media and honing our application and installation skills to perfection. Over the years we have supplied millions of meters of our unique Digimura and Muramour digital wallcoverings to customers across the world, and it can be seen adorning hotels, bars, restaurants, offices, hospitals and hundreds and hundreds of other public spaces!

Digital Decor is here to stay, and a market trend like this hasn’t been seen for decades. It's never too late to learn and become part of this exciting and profitable marketplace.

As pioneers in this field, our experience and expertise put us at the top of the league, and there isn’t much we don’t know about digital interior décor and digital wallcoverings. The Papergraphics training centre currently offers five courses that specifically focus on teaching you the practical and technical skills needed to break into this booming market successfully and to do so with the confidence and skill-set of a digital-décor expert:

Module 1: "Essential Digimura wallcovering application training." 

This module is a single day training course that offers installers and decorators with little or no experience, an introduction to working with Digimura wallcoverings.

  • Essential knowledge for "flat-wall" installation of Digimura 2.1
  • Experience is not necessary for successful completion of the day

Module 2: "Advanced Digimura wallcovering application training."  

This module is a more in-depth course for those who attended the "Essential Digimura application day" and are looking to expand their skills and knowledge. The emphasis of this day is on “practice, practice, practice,” and can be tailored to include any "site-specific" situation you have or maybe encountering which includes tricky architectural features.

  • Advanced wall surfaces problem-solving
  • An in-depth look at the adhesive system
  • Working with windows
  • Wallcovering columns
  • No stress staircases

Module 3: "The fast-track to Digimura application expertise."  

This module is a comprehensive 2-day training session in which we combine Modules 1 and 2 to deliver the fastest route available to becoming an expert in wallcovering installation. This course can take your team to advanced skill level and beyond, as we also extend the principles taught in Modules 1 and 2 to include alternative application and joining methods, along with helping you to build your "toolbox" to prepare you for most situations that you may encounter. 

  • Essential Digimura application training
  • Advanced Digimura application training 
  • Working with Digimura 1.1
  • Working with Muramour
  • Digimura-RP "ready pasted" digital wallpaper
  • Future additions to the Digimura range

Module 4: "Project managers digital wallcovering training."

This module is a half-day training course created explicitly for office and field-based project managers; and or sales staff who are working on wallcovering installation projects. We can tailor the day to your requirements and schedule, and you can undertake this course at our Crawley training centre, or we can come to your premises. This training course provides full wallcovering and application background knowledge and includes:

  • Product specification
  • Building regulation overview
  • Survey details
  • Primers and adhesives
  • Real case studies
  • Practical demonstration

Module 5: "Cross-selling and installing digitally-printable window blinds."

This module is a half-day training course compatible with our wallcovering décor training. This course is for anyone looking to add value to a digital décor print service by selling digitally printable window blinds alongside their wallcoverings work — "it's easy to do, and if you're already selling digital wallcoverings, it's a natural cross-sell to add a few personalised digitally printed window blinds to that order!"

  • The business case! Selling digitally printable blinds
  • An introduction to  Décortex 2.2 & 1.1
  • Building regulations overview
  • How to assemble a Décortex window blind
  • Hands-on training: "making your roller blind."

The Papergraphics Large-Format Training Centre

Training courses are typically held at the Papergraphics purpose-built training centre in Crawley, West Sussex (UK), however, subject to demand; we can also conduct training courses at any of our other sites in Paisley (Scotland), Zoetermeer (Holland), Barcelona (Spain).

Alternatively, bespoke courses can be tailor-made to meet your specific needs, and if preferred, held at your premises anywhere in Europe.

Call us for more details: 0345 1300 662