Investing in a new large-format flatbed printer can help you expand your business

If you think the time has come to introduce flatbed print technology into your business for the first time, or if you're considering replacing an existing flatbed machine, or need to add more capacity — you should speak to us.

Flatbed technology can be revolutionary for your business. 

However, as there are many different machines on the market, and each has their "pros and cons"; and as the decision to purchase a flatbed printer can be a significant capital investment ... "it's critical that the printer you go with can deliver what you specifically need from it — not just today, but tomorrow too".

We'll work through the variables with you, things like ink types, varnishing, roll-to-roll options, bed size, the media you want to print on, upkeep, workflow integration, the list goes on; but identifying the right machine for you (even if it's not a machine we can supply), will be what we focus on.

Talk to Papergraphics today.

With our unique knowledge of how large-format flatbed printers, ink and media work together, we can help you to expand into new markets and deliver the business results you need.