Onyx & Caldera: seriously ripped software muscle for increased workflow, productivity and profit!

There’s no doubt about it – RIP software can radically change the way you work.

A high-quality RIP (Raster Image Processor) is an essential component to getting the very best out of your machines while offering you increased versatility and productivity, faster print speeds, critical colour management and the all-important repeat-print quality control.

It’s all about efficiency, reliability and maximising profit potential through integrating RIP software that will shift your business into high gear. We can safely say that once you have invested in RIP software, you’ll wonder how you ever worked without it!

If you think that your print driver alone is up to the job … think again, as the capabilities and versatility of RIP software far outstrip the functions of an internal print driver. It’s simple … if your business has more than two printers; you’re looking to create unique print profiles; streamline your workflow; reduce the number of machine operators; maximise your media usage and minimise wastage; guarantee colour consistency on multiple prints – well, it’s all right here … at your fingertips and at the push of a button.

Papergraphics has a team of software experts specialising in both RIP software and colour-management systems. We specialise in Caldera and Onyx colour-management software systems, and due to the level of expertise of our in-house Onyx gurus, we are one of the few UK companies to have automatically qualified for certified Tier 1 Onyx Software training.

From a single printer RIP software installation to multi-site, workflow management with business analytics installation, not only can our technical team guide you through the many benefits of RIP software and photospectrometry colour management, we can also install, configure and train you up in every single aspect of both and have you up and be running in no time. 

If you are new to the concept of RIP software and colour management, not to worry, we also offer full in-house training sessions to take you through every feature and benefit of what are … really essential additions to your print business.

Give us a call … you’ll be glad you did.