We can offer you comprehensive print equipment maintenance and repair support services

Filters and fans, rails, carriage, encoder, heaters, print-head and ink systems; printers run for thousands of hours, making hundreds of thousands of repetitive mechanical motions, with print-heads delivering multiple billions of precisely measured shots of ink — "it’s little wonder that print equipment needs maintenance and someone at the ready to fix it if it breaks down".

"If you need advice call us: 0345 1300 662 we're here to help!"

Printers, cutters and laminators are, for the most part, incredibly reliable, but here at Papergraphics we do receive support-request calls every day for issues that can be traced back to the need for regular equipment maintenance — issues that inevitably occur when you are working on a job for a critical customer, and the deadline is tomorrow!

An even bigger issue arises when you’re working to a tight deadline, and your equipment gives up the ghost. Frustrating, to say the least, when you consider the potential loss of money through downtime and jobs abandoned.

We are 100% committed to supporting our customers through thick and thin, and our expert technical team of engineers and machine specialists are here to help: call us 0345 1300 662

With over 35 years of specialist technical experience, Papergraphics is ready and waiting to step in and save the day — our mobile professional team can assist you with maintenance procedures or swoop in with our ‘break-fix’ diagnostics and repair team that aims to have you up and running in no time. Worse comes to worst, and the machine is beyond immediate repair, we have our very own Disaster Recovery Vehicle loaded up with essential equipment to help you minimise downtime, maintain your workflow and meet those urgent deadlines.

“We can provide you with many professional support packages that can be tailored to your needs — support that extends beyond just the essential maintenance contracts associated with the sales of print equipment to also encompass media and the day-to-day sharing of knowledge related to equipment and production technical support'.

Give us a call: 0345 1300 662 and have a chat with our tech team and let us help you make sure that your equipment won't let you down.