'Don't panic — we're on our way!' Papergraphics disaster recovery and scale-up assistance

There are 'good' surprises and 'bad' surprises, and Papergraphics is here to help with both.

We have developed our very own "Mobile Print Room" for our customers who find themselves in a tricky situation — be that equipment breakdown or an unexpected workload. Fully kitted out, it's here to dash to the rescue and become its own self-contained, self-powered print room. "Consider it as your emergency or backup-productivity saviour!"

In today's environment, disruptions are inevitable, yet your business needs to keep working. At Papergraphics, we completely understand this and have developed mobile support services that are available when you need them.

Our maintenance engineers and the print-support team are at the top of their game and can bring the "Mobile Print Room" right to your doorstep, it's powered up and ready to go and is fully equipped with all the critical pieces of equipment that you may need to keep working and meeting your customers' deadlines.  

Even if your basic utilities have failed, our vehicle has independent power and can be run entirely as a stand-alone back-up, and it has a satellite internet connection.

The vehicle comes pre-equipped with Onyx RIP servers onboard and has three equipment bays that we can configure in a multitude of ways to suit each situation:

"Loading bay 1" can hold one of the following devices:

  • HP Latex 365 / 570 
  • Espon Surecolor 80600
  • Canon PRO 4000 / 4000S 
  • Canon PRO 6000 / 6000S
  • Flexa FORMULA Laminator

"Loading bay 2" can hold one of the following devices:

  • Canon PRO 4000 / 4000S
  • Summa Vinyl Cutter

"Loading bay 3" can hold one of the following devices:

  • Canon PRO 4000 / 4000S
  • Summa Vinyl Cutter

"Loading bay 2 & 3" can be combined to hold one of the following:

  • Canon PRO 6000 / 6000S
  • CWT Application Table

Our Mobile Print Rooms are available from both our Crawley and Scotland customer centres and all of the equipment listed above is setup primed and ready to kick into action. We are on-call and prepared to react immediately to our customers who need emergency print support. "If you need us; all you have to do is whistle!" 

Next time you get caught out, "whether for good or bad reasons", we are here to help!