Stickyprints self-adhesive vinyl: monomeric and polymeric vinyl with permanent, removable and high-tack adhesives

Stickyprints self-adhesive vinyl includes everything you need for short, medium and long-term, indoor and outdoor, display graphics and signage vinyl applications. 

The Stickyprints self-adhesive vinyl range provides many product benefits:

  • Monomeric and high-grade polymeric vinyl, 
  • with matt and gloss print finishes, 
  • broad wide-format printer ink compatibility,
  • permanent, removable and high-tack adhesives,
  • bubble-free and grey-back vinyl features,
  • most of the range is also B1 fire-rated, 
  • and REACH (and RoHS) compliant. 

Permanent adhesives: Stickyprints self-adhesive vinyl with serious sticking power!

If you need your graphics to stay in place for a long time, choose Stickyprints permanent self-adhesive vinyl — but be sure you 'really' need your prints to stay put!

Removable adhesives: self-adhesive vinyl that you can unstick — but only when you choose!

Stickyprints removable adhesives will remain in place for as long as needed. However, it's the no-fuss, no-mess removal (within six months) when changing and updating your graphics that make Stickyprints removable the go-to short-to-mid-term vinyl range.

High-tack adhesives: Stickyprints self-adhesive vinyl that is ideal for the more challenging surfaces!

The Stickyprints range of high-tack self-adhesive vinyl is perfect for those tricky-to-stick-to or unusual surfaces. With excellent initial bond and ultimate adhesion, these are the products to choose when sticky gets tricky. 

Customer feedback on our Stickyprints self-adhesive vinyl

"The Xpress Group kindly supplied the photos used above. They've delivered exceptional work under challenging and demanding circumstances, working with our Stickyprints bubble-free vinyl — read their feedback on Stickyprints self-adhesive vinyl!"

You can rely upon Stickyprints to get the job done without fuss and within budget; and, if you would like any advice on choosing a vinyl to fit your job — please call us 0345 1300 662

Range Highlights

  • Stickyprints is an outstanding range of self-adhesive vinyls
  • Products include permanent, removable and high-tack adhesives
  • Products for short-term, medium and long-term, indoor and outdoor use
  • Monomeric and polymeric vinyl that work across all main ink technologies
  • All developed for superb print performance and colour vibrancy

Market Opportunities

  • Indoor & outdoor signage
  • Promotional graphics
  • Brand awareness
  • Windows & glass work
  • Advertising
  • Events
  • Exhibitions
  • Wayfinding