Poster and billboard media for the most demanding large-format print jobs

We have two high-performance large-format ranges of poster and billboard media to choose from:

The lucrative and much-in-demand requirement for large-format posters and billboards can bring with it rewarding repeat business and abundant opportunities to work faster, brighter, bigger and smarter.

With the METRO and BIG product brand options, Papergraphics gives you two outstanding ranges that will help you achieve just that.

Papergraphics METRO Media

The METRO brand was created with one aim in mind – to offer a 100% fit-for-purpose range of wide-format media specifically for poster, backlit and billboard applications. METRO has been specially developed to incorporate ‘perfect paper fibre formation’ (PPFF) a manufacturing process that guarantees an even tonal appearance for backlit applications and delivers stunning image vibrancy across the board.

With faster drying times and less ink usage, METRO comfortably meets the expert’s requirements of exceptional media whiteness and absolute consistency in its makeup. The entire range is FSC and is compatible with many ink types. METRO is available in a variety of weights and finishes and has a universal coating that reduces the requirement for finishing and increases moisture resistance.

Papergraphics BIG Media

The Papergraphics BIG range has been developed for our customers who specialise in volume outdoor applications. The bespoke range offers excellent value for money and superb all-around performance.

Our BIG blue-back media has been designed for efficient pasting and is manufactured with longer paper fibres for optimal wet strength. Our BIG white-back media has been created for backlit and frontlit applications and both are outstanding media options that have been tested and proven to work across all current print technology and deliver perfect results time and time again.

Our in-house conversion facility is also able to produce bespoke sizes as required.

Range Highlights

  • Two outstanding ranges to choose from: METRO & BIG
  • METRO: developed specifically for posters, billboards and backlit
  • METRO: offers ‘perfect paper fibre formation’ (PPFF) for even print tones
  • METRO: fast drying, uses less ink and delivers vibrant images
  • METRO: available in a variety of weights and finishes
  • BIG: created for specialists in volume outdoor applications
  • BIG: great value for money and excellent all-round performance
  • Bespoke conversion services available for both ranges

Market Opportunities

  • Event promotion
  • XL Poster work
  • Frontlit, backlit & lightbox
  • In-store ads
  • Construction hoardings
  • Roadside advertising
  • 6-sheet AdShels
  • 48/96 sheet Billboards
  • Transport hub advertising