A superb range of floor graphics media for all floor and ground surface applications

Digitally-printable display flooring is an extraordinarily powerful graphic medium for high-impact branding, promotional and marketing applications. Over the past few years, its popularity has grown tremendously. With advances in print technology and a surge in specially-formulated media, it’s true to say that new applications and opportunities abound, and there couldn’t be a better time for our customers to take advantage of this booming and profitable niche market.

Papergraphics has led this market for over a decade, and we are recognised as having been instrumental in breaking new ground in the introduction and evolution of display media that excels at transforming interior floors and exterior ground surfaces.

"From short to long-term interior products that adhere to carpet, wood, laminate and tile to superb, hard-wearing exterior products to add graphics to concrete, stone, brickwork, and tarmac! Eyes down, as every floor or ground surface, offers an unmissable promotional opportunity, and we've got it covered"!

We have a superb range of non-slip products to cover any and every floor and ground surface application you can think of.

We also have the experience, knowledge and expertise to support you every step of the way. From our outstanding high-spec, high-traffic, cushioned and fire-rated Digiflör to an expert range of semi-permanent, permanent, repositionable, weather resistant, non-fade high, medium and low-traffic options.

We've engineered every one of our products for exceptional print performance; the vibrancy of colour, scratch resistance and all have been tested for handleability, ease-of-cutting and flawless installation.

Papergraphics also has a team of in-house experts ready to help you choose just the right product for the job, help you figure out if you need a high, medium or low traffic product, provide profiling, print and production advice and we’ll even train you up in the tricks and techniques of flawless installation.

Where there’s a floor, there’s a way – and without a doubt, Papergraphics has all the media, expertise and support you need to make the most of the many floor graphics opportunities waiting to be explored.

Range Highlights

  • Superb range of products for all floor and ground surface applications
  • Includes our high-spec Digiflör cushioned and fire-rated floor graphic media
  • A broad selection of low medium and high traffic products
  • Includes permanent, semi-permanent and repositionable flooring options
  • Interior options for application on top of carpet, wood, laminate, stone and ceramic
  • Exterior options for stone, concrete, marble, wood, asphalt and tarmac
  • All engineered for exceptional print performance and vibrancy of colour
  • Includes easy to maintain, rip, tear, scuff, scratch resistant products
  • Optimised for ease-of-use, cutting and flawless application and installation
  • Selection of products suitable for lamination for extra durability
  • Easy to cut and apply as solus graphics and training available for full-floor installations
  • Print, production and profiling advice on tap and installation training available

Market Opportunities

  • Brand promotion
  • Promotional events
  • Retail advertising
  • In-store promotions
  • Exhibition stands
  • Wayfinding
  • Safety signage
  • Street marking
  • Pavement graphics
  • Stage & film sets
  • Event marquees
  • Exhibition halls
  • Office foyers
  • Concert venues
  • Staircases
  • Trade shows
  • Foyer branding
  • Fashion shows
  • Product launches
  • Functions
  • Receptions
  • Festivals
  • Train stations
  • Airports
  • Sports arenas
  • Supermarkets
  • Malls
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants
  • Cafés & bars