Xpress Group: delivering exceptional work with our new vinyl range

Stickyprints bubble-free vinyl proves to be the perfect solution for the Xpress Group's pop-up airport Covid-19 test stations.

The Xpress Group has been at the forefront of public health messaging throughout the Coronavirus pandemic. Xpress recently used our new Stickyprints range of self-adhesive vinyl to rapidly establish and boldly brand London Gatwick Airport's new Covid-19 pop-up testing facility.

Xpress is a close-knit team of skilled designers, printers and installers. Over the last several months, working with Public Health England, Heathrow Airport and Gatwick Airport, Xpress has used its expertise to support ongoing public health communications with the production and installation of posters, freestanding monoliths, and pop-up airport Covid-19 test stations.

Rapid turnaround on production and installation has been a critical factor in keeping messaging current and the public informed with the latest Government guidelines.

For the fast-turnaround, weather-proof, mission-critical signage at the Gatwick Airport Covid-19 test stations, Xpress used Papergraphics' Stickyprints bubble-free vinyl from our new comprehensive self-adhesive vinyl range.

Lee Trussell (Graphic Designer at Xpress) sent us a message and a few pictures of their work at Gatwick Airport. He said, "we've been using your excellent Stickyprints bubble-free vinyl. It has been a fantastic product to use when application speed has been an issue — even more so where we have been outside in cold and damp conditions!"

You can view the Xpress Group's portfolio of work here: xpressgroup.eu/projects/

Introducing the new Papergraphics' range of Stickyprints self-adhesive vinyl.

Last year, Papergraphics took some time to develop and test a new Stickyprints self-adhesive vinyl range. We worked extensively with a European adhesives coater to perfect the adhesives for our High-Tack, Permanent and Removable vinyl products. We then introduced the new vinyl range to customers in a soft-launch in the last quarter of 2020.

Our new Stickyprints range of self-adhesive vinyl includes everything you need for short, medium, to long-term indoor and outdoor self-adhesive vinyl applications: removable, permanent, high-tack, monomeric and polymeric vinyl. With matt and gloss print finishes, broad ink compatibility and bubble-free and grey-back vinyl features. The majority of the product range is also B1 fire-rated and REACH (and RoHS) compliant.

We've also extensively tested the new vinyl range on the recently launched HP Latex 700-800 Series Printers and only have good things to report!

If you would like to know more about our new Stickyprints range of self-adhesive vinyl or specifically our Stickyprints S/MGPB3 bubble-free vinyl used in the above NHS installations, please call us: 0345 1300 662