HP Latex R Printer Series — HP's Ultimate Latex Inks Large-Format Hybrid Flatbed Printers

Perhaps HP’s most versatile printer yet, the R Series represents the latest innovation in Latex print technology. Equally capable of handling flexible and rigid substrates, these printers are the top choice for diversifying your service offering while maintaining remarkable quality printing.

“Latex ink does it better! It’s more flexible than UV ink and is only around a third as thick, so your substrate won’t lose the definition and texture that’s all-important to the finished look.”

The R Series uses cutting-edge water-based Latex inks to offer a superior alternative to UV printing. It’s not only flexible but is also scratch-resistant, thanks to Latex overcoat technology. HP 4th generation Latex inks can also offer 82% of the Pantone system (versus just 50% for UV ink) and need no hazard warning labels due to their odourless, non-flammable design. 

The colour range includes the world's first white Latex ink, kept always-ready thanks to an offline rotation chamber for on-demand white ink printing. Available modes include overflood, underflood, spot and sandwich for increased versatility, opacity, and enhanced sharpness.

“This is a true hybrid printer. Combining roll-to-roll and flatbed technology, we’ve seen customers open new revenue streams such as packaging, vehicle graphics and even outdoor signage.”

Thanks to the flatbed technology for rigid media, the R Series allows printing on wood, acrylic, aluminium board, paper, vinyl, textile, etc.

The HP R Series printers are all about business first — for PSPs that want to expand their business revenue streams and workflow output. Automated updates, automatic printhead maintenance, queue management, and larger five-litre cartridges mean that your printer can be left unattended for longer and interrupted less often. And with speeds of up to 86m2/ph for rigid substrates and a clever vacuum system to prevent alignment issues, you can reach even the most demanding targets. 

Papergraphics installed the first HP Latex R2000 Hybrid printer in the UK. Since then, many more have followed, and our technical team's experience working with, installing and setting up these superb printers is invaluable. If you like to know more about the HP Latex R Series or organise a demo to see the machine in action – please give us a call: 0345 1300 662


  • Compatible with rigid and flexible media – an upgrade on the 700 and 800 series
  • HP Latex inks offer better durability, flexibility, and vibrance versus UV
  • Addition of white Latex for enhanced printing
  • Designed for performance with intelligent systems to increase workflow
  • Water-based inks mean no foul odours, no warning labels and recyclability


  • Substantial investment cost
  • Workspace considerations due to the size of the machine
  • They are not the fastest machines, but they're designed for quality

Ideal Applications

  • Backlit
  • Banners
  • Floor Graphics
  • Magnetics
  • Pop-Ups
  • Temporary Textiles
  • Traffic Signage
  • Wall Coverings
  • Wall Graphics
  • Window Graphics
  • Roller Blinds

Models in the range:

HP R1000

Powerful hybrid printing using 4th generation Latex inks, capable of printing up to 1.6m wide and 50mm thick. Sustainable ink technology allows printing for sensitive environments and produces prints that can be recycled.

HP R2000

Enhanced hybrid printer using 4th generation Latex inks, capable of printing up to 3.2 wide and 50mm thick for true wide-format printing. Sustainable ink technology allows printing for sensitive environments and produces prints that can be recycled.

What the manufacturer says:


Welcome to The R Series Revolution. Transform rigid and flexible printing in ways you never thought possible with HP's first hybrid Latex printers.

Staying ahead in the printing world means investing in new technology and innovation, such as the ability to print on both rigid and flexible substrates with water-based inks. HP's revolutionary new Latex R Printer series offers your customers the ability to showcase their products or services in unique and inventive ways with the glossiest white2 and the most vibrant colors1 on rigid substrates. With a trusted brand like HP, your business can open a whole new world of opportunities. 

Transform almost any surface with HP Latex Rigid Printing

Expand into high-value applications with amazing colors and the glossiest of whites2 on backlit, corrugated cardboard, rigid poster, and even mirror and melamine. One technology gives you color uniformity across campaigns, so no more print and mount. Achieve glossy white beyond compare on new substrates like wood, aluminum, glass, ceramic, and acrylic while preserving the gloss and feel.

Set yourself apart from the competition with high-opacity white that resists yellowing over time for applications on transparent and colored media. Create amazing signage with durable and flexible water-based HP Latex Inks that provide high adhesion and outstanding scratch resistance, so you can assemble and cut without chipping. Offer brand color consistency across rigid and flexible using one printer. HP Latex Inks produce odorless prints,4 ideal for indoor applications. Grow your business with high-quality, easy-to-install vehicle wraps. HP Latex Inks produce prints that come out dry, enabling instant lamination
HP Latex combines more advantages into one technology than any competitive alternative. 

Application Versatility… Print on your choice of substrates and get scratch-resistant, durable prints with HP Latex Inks. With our high-efficiency curing system, prints come out dry and ready-to-use. 

High Quality and Productivity… Get the color, quality, and consistency you expect with HP Latex printheads and the spectrophotometer. HP Latex Optimizer and our Optical Belt Advanced System enable high quality even at the highest productivity levels. End-to-End Sustainability Embrace a more sustainable approach with water-based inks and recyclable HP ink cartridges. 

Odorless prints allow you to reach new indoor spaces, previously untapped by solvent and UV inks.

HP Latex White Ink The glossiest of whites… Our white ink lays smooth, even, and flat so it takes on the shape of the media. It reflects light directly and uniformly, for a high gloss consistency. UV-curable ink lays unevenly, hides media texture, and can reduce gloss and color. 

Resists yellowing over time… Our white ink is highly-resistant to photochemical reactions and doesn't contain photoinitiators or optical brighteners, unlike UV-curable inks. 

High opacity…. Our white ink achieves a very opaque, visually strong white by using exterior grade titanium dioxide pigments that are three times the size of the colored ink particles and twice the volume.

A true hybrid solution, for printing rigid and flexible media on one single device with a fast changeover.