The versatile Summa F Series Flatbed Cutter

The F Series is a real winner; it's not just any ordinary flatbed cutter!

The F Series digital cutter represents one of the industry's most advanced cutting systems. It is a genuine step forward in cutting technology. Incorporating advanced safety precautions, vacuum suction to keep substrates in place, and media advance clamps to ensure the media moves forward when needed. 

“What makes the F Series a real winner is the wide range of optional add-ons, which allow you to tailor your flatbed to your workflow needs. It’s a masterpiece of multifunctionality!”

The cutting head can hold three different modules at once, meaning you can complete jobs without worrying about the time lost changing blades. This machine has inbuilt guidance systems, including a positioning laser and an integrated camera system for accurate contour cutting mark recognition. 

True tangential technology: Summa is somewhat of a pioneer in tangential cutting, and the F Series is no exception. Using a vertical force of 10kg and a wide range of cutting tools, cutting has never been more straightforward or accurate. There are even barcode identifiers on each tool to automatically recognise any relevant parameter settings. 

“With the correct blade, you’ll be able to cut magnetics, rubber, wood, synthetics and card. We’ve seen customers tap into new markets and revenue streams instantly.”

Software to simplify every solution and safety to match: The included GoProduce software gives you an innovative yet easy interface to work with, allowing you to manage jobs efficiently while also having a shedload of added-value functionality. Features such as the Material Manager database, convenient task sorting, and a knowledge training base takes cutting to the next level. Designed with safety in mind, every F Series flatbed has an advanced safety system compliant with worldwide health and safety requirements. 

“These powerful machines have been designed for safety first – to keep your staff safe and the workflow running smoothly.”

Interchangeable tools to keep opportunities open: Summa is very good at offering ways to interchange and upgrade your cutter. The F Series is compatible with a wide range of head tools, including a drag module, tangential module, rotary module, etc. It also has several optional upgrades to increase performance, such as the conveyor extension for the F1612, heavy roll support for the F1832, F3220 and F3232, and F-Performance mode (up to 40% improved performance that can be unlocked easily).

We would be happy to set up a demonstration for you, and we think you’ll be impressed! If you’d like to know more or see the Summa in action – give us a call: 0345 1300 662


  • Work how you like with modular heads
  • Included software offers a wealth of functionality
  • Camera and laser systems to ensure accuracy
  • Advanced safety to keep users safe
  • Vacuum pump and holding clamps to prevent materials from moving
  • You can divide your working area into two distinct zones for flexible working
  • Conveyor and advanced roll support as optional upgrades
  • Every F Series cutter includes left and right ADC


  • Requires a lot of space to install
  • It's a heavyweight – up to 1.9T for the most significant model
  • Not a cheap option – but it's top-of-the-range without a doubt

Ideal Applications

  • Backlit
  • Banners
  • Floor Graphics
  • Magnetics
  • Pop-Ups
  • Posters
  • Roll-Ups
  • Temporary Textiles
  • Traffic Signage
  • Wall Coverings
  • Wall Graphics
  • Window Graphics
  • Roller Blinds
  • Packaging

Models in the range:


The most compact model, this flatbed cutter, can handle media up to 165cm wide and uses variable vacuum zones over the width of the machine to ensure media is held firmly in place.


This model can handle media up to 134cm wide and boasts a working area of 136cm x 320cm, complete with six vacuum zones (two rows x three columns).


The 190cm width and 184cm x 320cm working area make this an excellent option for those wanting scale, but with some space limitations—it features eight vacuum zones (two rows x 4 columns) for excellent media holding.


With a media width of 332cm, and a working area of 327cm x 210cm, this is an even larger flatbed option and offers seven vacuum zones (1-row x 7 columns) with high-power 4kW suction.


The largest model in the range, this genuinely wide-format cutter has a working area of 327cm x 320cm and can handle media up to 332cm wide. With 14 vacuum zones (two rows x seven columns), media is held firmly in place, ready for cutting.

What the manufacturer says:


With the F Series, Summa offers a future-proof cutting product line based on over 30 years of expertise in building the world's very best cutting plotters. These advanced engineered flatbed cutting tables are designed to cut various sheet and rigid materials as well as roll stock. A multifunctional cutting head, a great range of modules and tools and many media handling options contribute to the series' versatility and flexibility. Over the years, the Summa F Series opened many doors for our customers, enabling them to expand business into new markets such as packaging design, Point Of Sale and textile applications.

The F Series is designed to process a wide variety of materials for an even greater diversity of applications. Achieve a perfect cut with the Summa flatbed cutters to realise flawlessly finished end products.

The world of Sign and Display is broad and versatile. The flatbed cutting solutions can optimise your print & cut workflow, meet your customers' deadlines and deliver perfectly finished end products.

When processing textiles, a most accurate cut is of key importance. With a great diversity in production processes, textile cutting is still often done manually. The flatbed cutters enable businesses to optimise their workflow, make it more efficient and significantly reduce material waste.

In today's imaging dominated world the role of packaging is more relevant than ever. Packaging must, therefore, stand out and attract the eye of the beholder. At the same time, it is important packaging is strong enough to withstand transportation handling

It starts with the base unit with a choice of no less than 5 models. Then you can carefully choose the modules and tools you need for your applications and consider the various media handling add-ons. Additionally, the included GoProduce software enables you to operate the cutter with ease and set up a productive workflow.

High-quality cutting equipment relies on a strong base. It requires a cutting unit which can be enhanced with additional features, options and add-ons at any given time. This way, the cutter can grow together with your business goals and aspirations. That is what the F Series is all about. Providing a solid base to transform your F Series model into the versatile cutting solution that perfectly fits your business needs. The F Series is your versatile business companion. A companion you can build upon.