Fine Art Inkjet Photo Papers: true artisan Fine Art Paper with quality and precision at the right price

Papergraphics offers a refined range of print-perfect fine-art paper for large-format digital printing, where excellence and precision marry at the right price. Our fine-art paper offers discerning artists and print professionals a palette of options to bring their visions to life with unparalleled quality.

If you're looking for luxury, look no further than our Smooth FOGRA Certified Fine Art Paper, meticulously crafted from 100% cotton. FOGRA-certified and water-resistant, this paper ensures your prints stand the test of time while exuding refinement with its velvety smooth surface.

For a tactile journey through art's depths and nuances, our Textured FOGRA Certified Fine Art Paper offers heavyweight composition and a textured surface that invites exploration with every print.

And our Juno Matt Textured Fine Art Paper sets a new standard in inkjet printing. It blends cotton and cellulose for vibrant colour portraits and evocative black-and-white landscapes with impeccable image sharpness.

At Papergraphics, we understand every print tells a story.

Our commitment to excellence extends beyond products to customer satisfaction, providing materials and superior quality assurance for every project. Whether for limited edition prints or gallery displays, our range delivers perfection, at the right price, every time.

Smooth FOGRA Certified Fine Art Paper | IJ-SFA320 |  320gsm

Choose this distinctly premium fine-art paper for higher-quality printing jobs. It has a luxuriously smooth finish and an acid-free construction that uses no optical brighteners. It is also FOGRA certified, water-resistant and has excellent rigidity, making it easy to handle and the ideal choice for magnificent limited edition and bespoke prints.

  • 100% cotton paper with a luxuriously smooth surface
  • Acid-free with no optical brighteners
  • High water-resistance
  • Ageing resistance (ISO 9706)
  • FOGRA certified
  • Achieves archival standard
  • Compatible with aqueous pigmented inks
  • PVC-free and recyclable

Download IJ-SFA320 Datasheet

Textured FOGRA Certified Fine Art Paper | IJ-TFA320 |  320gsm

Choose this heavier-weight fine-art paper for premium jobs requiring a high-quality substrate. With no optical brighteners, this acid-free paper is 100% cotton with a tactile textured surface giving it the unique look and feel of a classic art paper. It prints wonderfully with pigmented inks, and its superb quality makes it ideal for outstanding photographic and fine-art reproduction, digital art and limited edition prints.

  • 100% cotton paper with a tactile textured surface 
  • Acid-free with no optical brighteners 
  • High water-resistance 
  • FOGRA certified
  • Ageing resistant (ISO 9706)
  • Achieves archival standard 
  • Compatible with aqueous pigmented inks
  • PVC-free and recyclable

Download IJ-TFA320 Datasheet

Juno Matt Textured Fine Art Paper | WV270 |  270gsm

Choose this product for a superb fine-art paper explicitly developed for inkjet printing. WV270 delivers everything from perfect-colour skin tones for photographic portraiture to dramatic black and white landscapes; this paper offers just the right feeling of weight and substance combined with a non-glare finish. A quality inkjet paper that blends cotton and cellulose with a lightly textured matt finish. Juno WV270 is ideal for photographic and fine art reproduction; colour or black and white photography, gallery prints, museum and display graphics, digital art or limited edition prints.

  • 25% cotton and 75% cellulose blend
  • Acid-free for enhanced longevity
  • High whiteness with a balanced OBA content
  • Achieves FOGRA standards for proofing
  • Delivers deep rich shadows and detailed highlights with excellent image sharpness
  • Good water resistance
  • Compatible with aqueous pigment and dye inks
  • A subtle matt texture for a non-glare surface
  • PVC-free

Download WV270 Datasheet

Papergraphics Swatch Book 03: Photo, Poster, Canvas and Fine Art Media

We've only shown you a select range of our fine-art inkjet media on this page, but Papergraphics swatch book 03 focuses on the big-beautiful world of commercial and fine-art photo printing. Whether for fine-art canvas prints or commercial art for advertising posters, our refined range delivers an exceptionally high level of art, photo, and graphic reproduction. Call us and ask about Swatch Book 03!

Papergraphics' PVC-free Fine Art Photo Paper: Tel 0345 1300 662

Range Highlights

  • FOGRA certified Fine Art Inkjet Papers
  • Ageing resistant & Archival standard
  • Acid-free
  • Water-resistance

Market Opportunities

  • Photographic Inkjet Papers & Fine Art Reproduction
  • Fine Art Inkjet Papers for Colour or Black & White Photography
  • Inkjet Papers for Gallery Prints, Museum & Display
  • Digital Art Inkjet Papers for Limited Edition Prints