Papergraphics event success - Doing more with interiors

The hugely popular "Doing more with interiors" Digimura wallcoverings customer insight event. You can do more with Papergraphics!

February saw the latest date in the calendar of our now highly-rated and incredibly popular "Doing more with interiors", Digimura digital-wallcoverings insight event.

As the market-leader for digitally-printable interior products, with 15 years in this market sector, and over 35 years total in large-format print product development and supplies, Papergraphics is well-placed to offer advice, experience and support for any large-format print company looking to broaden their service and diversify into what we believe to be a continually growing and profitable market!

“The global digitally-printed wallcovering market is forecast to grow at a compound annual growth rate of 25% and reach £5.93 Billion within the next few years!”

“Doing more with interiors” customer insight events.

Last year, we opened our new, purpose-built customer experience and training centre, with the specific purpose of inviting customers to events focused on helping them to seize new market opportunities and expand their business offering. Now a regular feature in our event calendar, last week saw the latest of our hugely popular “Doing More with Interiors” customer insights event.

Papergraphics focuses on sharing knowledge and experience.

Focusing on the market trends and significant opportunities that digitally printable interiors offer our customers within the large-format printing industry, we hosted 20 professionals from print businesses across the UK, all keen to break into, or further their interests in, the lucrative interiors market. 

It’s an intimate event, kept purposefully to limited numbers, so that our guests have plenty of opportunities to share their own experiences, ask questions and talk about the areas that interest them most, as well as find out what Papergraphics has to say about digital interiors.

The knowledge and experience of our product and application specialists, who lead the event, places Papergraphics in the unique position of being able to indeed support our customers at all stages of their journey into digital décor. 

Digimura hints and tips and product features.

The event includes discussions and thought-exchange on how to engage with designers and specifiers when selling a Digimura wallcovering service, along with hints and tips on product features and benefits to enhance designs or overcome challenges within projects. 

Plus, there are live, interactive demos of some of the techniques and best practices of the trade for installing contract-quality wallcoverings.

You are meeting all the regulations when you work with Digimura.

One particularly hot-topic that we address during the day is the complex regulations and legal requirements for construction products (which encompasses wallcoverings, among others). 

We’re keen to promote how important it is for our customers to understand their responsibilities as the printer, and make it clear what you need to look for in the tech specs of the products you’re using.

“Doing more with interiors” is a top-rated event.

As per previous occasions that we’ve held this event, the feedback we received from those that attended in February was, once again, hugely complimentary;

“I was impressed with the way the event was managed – it has inspired me, and I am now really keen to crack wallcoverings” - Brett Adams, Squirty Ink.

More Digimura digitally-printable wallcovering events.

Papergraphics currently schedules "Doing More with Interiors" events once a quarter, with the next date in the diary on 22nd May, but we are considering adding further décor events, due to demand.

For more information about this and other events we offer, or to register to attend the next Doing More with Interiors event, get in touch or visit our Events pages at

You can do more with Papergraphics.

Digital Decor is here to stay, and a market trend like this hasn’t been seen for decades. It's never too late to learn and become part of this exciting and profitable marketplace.

"As pioneers in this field, our experience and expertise put us at the top of the league, and there isn’t much we don’t know about digital interior décor and digital wallcoverings."

The Papergraphics training centre currently offers five courses that specifically focus on teaching you the practical and technical skills needed to break into this booming market successfully and to do so with the confidence and skill-set of a digital-décor expert: