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From a Problem to a Great Success: Papergraphics helps save the day by applying expertise.

In a tale of triumph over adversity, Fastsigns Crawley found a solution to a challenging wall adhesion issue with the help of Papergraphics, turning a problem into a success story that showcases the power of collaboration and expertise.

This success story began in July when a group of Fastsigns franchisees gathered at the Papergraphics Head Office in Crawley for their regional team meeting. 

During the event, the Papergraphics team demonstrated the installation techniques for Digimura digitally printable wallcovering, emphasising its advantages over self-adhesive products for interior use.

Fast forward a few months, and Melanie Martinez of Fastsigns Crawley encountered a significant on-site wall graphics installation problem with hi-tack self-adhesive vinyl. 

The self-adhesive vinyl was failing! Despite attempts with alternative products and primer, the hi-tack vinyl used on a significant client's office walls would not stay stuck.

Faced with a time-sensitive issue, Melanie recalled the Digimura wallcovering demonstration and reached out to Papergraphics' installation expert, Barry Dellow, for assistance.

Identifying the Challenge: an unstable wall surface

Once Melanie had briefed Barry on the nature of the problem, he visited the customer's site to determine the specific cause. Upon close inspection and testing of the walls, he discovered that the surface paint was exceptionally absorbent and unstable. This issue prevented the self-adhesive vinyl from forming a long-term bond with the wall, resulting in the material's adhesion loss, shrinkage, and delamination. It was also evident that the problem would not be solved using self-adhesive vinyl and wall primer or sealant.

Crafting a Solution: method statement and Digimura wallcoverings

After completing the inspection, Barry put together a Method Statement for wall preparation involving the installation of Digimura wallcovering with Murabond adhesive paste. Meanwhile, Melanie sent samples of Digimura textured finishes to the client for selection. With dozens of surface finishes, the Digimura range offered the designers creative flexibility and refinement that self-adhesive vinyl can't compete with.

Expert Guidance: technical manager's visit

As Melanie's team had not previously printed on Digimura wallcovering, our technical manager, Graham De Kock, visited them to advise on file management, printer setup, and the correct profile to use.

On-Site Assistance: ensuring a seamless installation

Barry had also learned that the installation techniques for wallcoverings were new to Melanie's team, so he offered assistance on-site and completed the installation alongside the Fastsigns team to help reduce any chance of disruption for the end client.

A Success Story: support every step of the way

So, from identifying the cause of the problem to helping with a replacement product that fits the brief to setting up, printing, and installing the wallcovering, Papergraphics supported Fastsigns Crawley every step of the way. Better still, the team completed the re-installation with zero disruption to the end client and minimal waste; with Digimura, there's no release liner to dispose of.

Focussing on Customer Success: the story of Papergraphics

Papergraphics has been a print problem-solver for almost forty years; from developing new creative product categories or better-priced everyday product ranges to the support our technical teams offer, we take pride in helping our customers overcome challenges. The above is just one recent example of how the Papergraphics team concentrates on supporting customer success.

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