Secabo has a perfect heat press for either starting or growing your garment personalisation business!

From the C5 Clamshell to the TC5, TC7 LITE Series heat transfer presses, through to the TC5 and TC7 SMART series heat presses, Secabo has the perfect garment transfer heat press for anyone looking to enter into or grow a business in the creative world of textile finishing and garment personalisation. 

Secabo C5: for anyone new to heat transfer garment personalisation or for small craft businesses, you can't go wrong with the Secabo C5 clamshell heat press!

Secabo offers the simple and effective C5 Clamshell as an entry-level heat press for start-up and craft businesses. The C5 Clam press has a 38cm x 38cm workspace, digital temperature control, and manual adjustment for pressure. With its low price point and robust engineering, this is an excellent, uncomplicated, manual heat press to get you started or for low-volume heat transfer work.

Secabo TC5 & TC7: if you want to do more and work with a somewhat more diverse range of substrates, the Secabo TC5 & TC7 LITE Series will be the entry-level choice for you!

Available with 38cm x 38cm or 40cm x 50cm base plates, the modular TC5 & TC7 LITE Series of automatic toggle presses offer an excellent entry-level solution for a more diverse range of work. Simple electronic controls with an automatic release mechanism make this series perfect for growing businesses. You can also change and upgrade these presses with a clever modular design that enables you to add improved electronic controls or a quick change plate system.

However, if you're looking for the SMART choice to grow your garment personalisation business, choose a heat transfer vinyl press from the Secabo TC5 & TC7 SMART Series range.

Available with 38cm x 38cm or 40cm x 50cm base plates, the Secabo TC5 & TC7 SMART Series clamshell heat presses open new innovative workflows for even better performance. 

The Secabo TC Series SMART heat presses introduced new capabilities to the heat press market. Along with its successful automatic knee-lever, intelligent display functions, and intuitive control, the TC SMART Series comes equipped with a Bluetooth interface. Its free Secabo Smart Transfer App enables you to control the press while accessing a comprehensive database for precise, fast and efficient workflow. 

This functionality allows you to enter the type of fabric and transfer material you are using and immediately retrieve the matching combinations of temperature, time and pressure. Additional features, such as calculating heat-up times and warning functions, also make the SMART App a valuable assistant for all standard heat transfer methods. 

And, as with most Secabo heat presses, the clever modular design also allows for quick and easy updating and equipping with accessories such as interchangeable base plates and a slide extension.

"The personalised clothing and printed accessories and gift market is getting bigger! Maybe you are looking for even more from your new heat-press? If so, please take a look at our Secabo TS Series: Professional Swing-Away Presses page; they're Fantastic Beasts!"


  • Cutting-edge construction and engineering.
  • Intelligent user-focused performance design.
  • Secabo uses only high-quality materials.
  • The clever modular design.
  • Quick and easy updating with accessories.
  • Interchangeable base plates.
  • Quick-change system and a slide extension.


  • Choice! The hardest part of choosing a Secabo heat press to meet your particular needs is which one to choose! So, we highly recommend organising a bit of time with one of our team to run through your specific needs when selecting a heat press.