A little bit about Papergraphics!

You could say that Papergraphics is the UK’s leading supplier of large-format print media for digital Graphics, and CAD markets. You could also say that we are the one-stop source for all your reprographic needs. But there’s more to it than that ... much, much more, and with over twenty years under our belts, we clearly recognise that our success is based on ‘that bit more’.

We are a bright and dynamic company that is absolutely passionate about its business. When we say supplier of ‘print media’, this is no average, ‘run-of-the-mill’ print media, we pride ourselves in supplying an extraordinary and innovative range of high-quality substrates and media that will not only match your creative criteria, but will fit neatly into your budget, and make your every creative project a joy to complete.

From tactile vinyls to textured canvas, quality photo papers to an impressive range of finishing products; from the exotic to the everyday... we know print materials inside-out, and are dedicated to providing you with proven, cost-effective products developed to inspire creativity and make money for your business.

Quality & innovation
A key part of our business is putting that bit more into what we do and how we do it, and through listening carefully to the needs of our customers...

Quality & innovation
We lead the way in developing our own special coatings to work on innovative materials, and in sourcing new products that not only delight our customers, but save them money as well. We want to make sure that every product we supply makes the grade, and as a result, each product is put through a rigorous process of trial and testing before we introduce it to you.

We are also most particular about controlling our own finishing processes, and we do so to the highest of standards assuring that our customers receive the best products at the best price, and that the very notion of quality becomes synonymous with Papergraphics.

At Papergraphics, we have an insatiable urge to encourage you to be as creative as you dare with our range of products. From high-gloss to back-lit, from metallic sheens to textured canvas, we want our products to inspire you and fill you with every confidence that they will perform to perfection and produce remarkable results.

Knowledge & experience
Papergraphics has been in business since 1984, and not only have we moved with the times, but we have also paid close attention to developments and emerging trends within our industry...

Knowledge & experience
Papergraphics match our media to meet the demands of the latest print technologies. Over the years we have gained a great deal of product knowledge and expertise, and are at the forefront of a programme of continuous development in introducing innovative products to our customers.

Not only that, but we also understand colour... we really understand colour, and support our customers with a media profiling service that will bring out the very best in our products and your projects. 

Papergraphics has a team of product specialists primed for on-site (or telephone) consultations to advise on just the right products for the job.

Cutting to the chase

We’d like to get to know you better and count you as one of our customers — so cutting to the chase, we are one of the few companies that have a full-field sales force working throughout Europe and would love to find out more about what you do, talk about what you need and want, and how Papergraphics can be of service ... 

So lets talk! Tel: +44 (0) 845 1300 662

United Kingdom

Crawley, West Sussex, RH10 9QR, United Kingdom

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