Premium CAD-Cut & Printable HTV vinyl: low-temperature HTV that works on most fabrics!

The Italian made B-FLEX Gimme 5 range of CAD-Cut, and Printable Heat Transfer Vinyl, is one of the best HTV vinyl ranges on the marketplace. Made using only the highest quality raw materials, B-FLEX Gimme 5 is easy to use and designed to last. 

It applies in just 4 seconds at 140°C/285°F; it offers a wide colour selection, works brilliantly on most fabrics, is fully opaque even on dark garments, and has an elegant matt finish. Thanks to its thickness of only 80 microns, Gimme 5 is also pleasant and soft on any garment and easy to use:

  • HTV Vinyl that applies at 140°C/285°F in only 4 seconds.
  • Hot peel, matt, neon, metallic and Printable heat transfer vinyl
  • Sticky-back carrier for easy cutting and weeding, even the fine details!
  • The CAD-Cut multi-layer application HTV vinyl is available in over sixty colours.
  • Oeko-Tex certified and REACH compliant; safe to use on clothing for adults and children!
  • Broad clothing compatibility; works brilliantly on most organic, synthetic and mixed fabrics.
  • High resistance to washing and drying cycles; tested to last over 100 wash cycles at 90°C/194°F.

Datasheets, Catalogue and Colour Chart: you'll find the B-FLEX catalogue, colour chart, and Gimme 5 product datasheets below in the downloads section, along with a few helpful and informative videos from the B-FLEX Italian and American teams. 

Papergraphics is proud to be the UK distributor of the exceptional B-FLEX, HTV vinyl for garment decoration. We supply the B-FLEX Heat Transfer Vinyl range in the following widths and lengths:

  • 500mm, 750mm and even 1000mm widths,
  • by the linear metre or in full-length rolls, typically 25m.

If you'd like to know more about availability, please call us on 0345 1300 662