Heat Transfer Vinyl for Stretchy, Nylon, Soft-Shell, Polyester and Heat-Sensitive Garments

How do you choose the correct heat transfer vinyl (HTV) for the heat-sensitive specialised fibers used in the sportswear and activewear world?

Performance wear garments, and other synthetic fabrics are perfect candidates for personalisation, and working with them is a must for any apparel printing business.

The team at B-FLEX Italia have developed the perfect HTV vinyl product range to meet each of these fabulous fabric challenges. Applying HTV vinyl to stretchy Lycra, Soft-Shell, Nylon or Sublimated Polyester garments and even umbrellas and rain jackets are all covered within the B-FLEX low-temperature, super-fast application HTV product range:

  • BF STRETCH is the stretchiest 65mic HTV CAD-Cut film, for sports, swimwear and technical garments.
  • BF NYLON CAD-Cut film; specified for heat transfer onto Nylon fabrics; we've seen it working on umbrellas, shoes, bags and jackets!
  • BF PRINTNYLON is the Printable HTV for Nylon and works with a range of ink types.
  • BF SUBLISTOP is a CAD-Cut HTV designed specifically for sublimated polyester garments.
  • BF PRINTSU is the Printable sublistop HTV with built-in blocker to prevent dye migration.
  • BF WINDSTOP is exceptional; it applies at just 110°C/230°F has a sublistop barrier that prevents dye-migration, and a powerful bond that ensures a long-lasting application even on difficult garments - ideal for Soft-Shell and Puffer Jackets.

Datasheets, Catalogue and Colour Chart: you'll find the B-FLEX catalogue, colour chart, and datasheets for HTV vinyl designed to deal with technical and heat-sensitive fabrics below in the downloads section, along with helpful videos from the B-FLEX team. 

Papergraphics is proud to be the UK distributor of the exceptional B-FLEX, HTV vinyl for garment decoration. We supply the B-FLEX Heat Transfer Vinyl range in the following widths and lengths:

  • 500mm, 750mm and even 1000mm widths,
  • by the linear metre or in full-length rolls, typically 25m.

If you'd like to know more about availability, please call us on 0345 1300 662