Motif DTF Transfer Film: a premium double-coated DTF film for perfect garment graphics and prints

Motif DTF transfer film is a double-coated warm or cool peel DTF transfer film. Its coatings and construction ensure no bleed and enable the perfect transfer of your garment graphics, photos and designs onto practically any textile surface. 

Even with the best DTF printer, your printed visuals will fall flat without a high-quality film. The transfer film is a vital element in the DTF process — it's the vehicle for getting your valuable prints onto your garment of choice: "print success or failure often depends upon the quality of the DTF transfer film!"

Papergraphics has supported and supplied the digital print industry for nearly forty years, so you can trust us when we say we know what to look for when it comes to high-quality substrates:

  • Motif DTF warm or cool-peel Film is available in both 600mm x 100m rolls and 600mm x 10m rolls
  • Motif film is manufactured with a six-layer double-sided coating process and a sturdy structure
  • Motif DTF film handles high ink loads for vibrant prints with no colour bleed
  • Suitable for virtually all textile surfaces
  • Motif DTF transfer film delivers exceptionally sharp graphics and is fantastic for intricate details 
  • High-temperature resistance with no distortion in the curing process
  • Maintains sharp edges in the powder shaker and cleanly sheds excess powder
  • ICC profiles are available for Motif ink and film

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Papergraphics premium Motif DTF transfer film has been designed and developed, especially for direct-to-film transfer printing using aqueous inks. It works with almost all textiles and efficiently transfers even the finest fonts and line details. Motif DTF warm or cool peel transfer film is the perfect choice when using our Motif DTF inks and TPU powder.

To order samples or request further information on Motif DTF premium double-coated warm/cool peel DTF PET transfer film, please call our team on 0345 1300 662