Productivity improvements yield higher profits and create the value that drives growth

Increased productivity means fewer resources are needed to produce the same or (preferably) more output. This is one of the basic tenets of economic growth, and it’s second only to; innovate and create value to drive growth.

Now, if you were to be offered an innovative productivity solution that had been proven to increase output by up to 80%, reduce waste and free-up your talented people to pursue other productive activities — would you think it a worthwhile investment?

“A good investment — this is exactly what we thought after we’d seen a demonstration of the beautifully engineered CWT work table — we also have to admit being a little sceptical before we witnessed the efficiency of the CWT work table as we know just how talented our customers are. But as you’ll need some sort of work surface when working with self-adhesive materials, a solution designed to enhance skills and significantly improve productivity was an easy sell”.

CWT has created a range of work tables that have everything you need to achieve high production capacity when laminating, laying down cut vinyl and working with a large variety of self-adhesive materials. Customers have responded saying that “the CWT table was one of the best time-saving pieces of equipment purchased in 25 years”, and that “the CWT table has increased productivity by 70-80%”.

The innovation of the CWT team doesn’t end at exceptional engineering, ergonomic design and incredible increases in production efficiency as they have also taken into account the spaces within which you work. Each table is built as a modular system which means that you can install a CWT work table in nearly any area.

If you agree that investing in productivity is about producing results without wasting materials, time, or energy, and freeing up your capacity to explore new opportunities to innovate and create value to drive growth — Talk to Papergraphics first!