Vehicle Grade Magnetic Film: SuperGrab magnetic sign vinyl for car and van advertising

Are you looking for the best, most versatile vehicle-grade printable magnetic films? Choose Teslaflex® vehicle-grade SuperGrab magnetic films and make vehicle advertising magnetic!

Papergraphics' SuperGrab magnetic sign vinyl for car and van advertising is the perfect solution when promoting brands on the move. With its unparalleled versatility, ease of application and magnetic strength, our SuperGrab vehicle-grade magnetic films redefine the ease of effortless mobile advertising.

TESLAFLEX® SuperGrab 850 Vehicle-Grade Printable Magnetic Film

Our SuperGrab 850 is a 850μ printable magnetic film designed specifically for vehicle advertising. With its powerful magnetic properties and printable surface, this product offers unmatched convenience and flexibility for short-term promotional graphics and advertising. Whether you're launching seasonal campaigns or updating your brand messaging, SuperGrab 850 vehicle-grade printable magnetic film is the ideal choice for quick-change effortless vehicle graphics.

SuperGrab 850 Overview:

  • An 850μ, powerful magnetic foil for application to vehicles with a white printable PVC surface
  • Easy to apply, remove, and move
  • Changeable for seasonal promotions, new campaigns, etc.
  • Suitable for one-dimensional soft curves
  • Compatible with, Solvent, Eco-Solvent inks and UV Curable inks

TESLAFLEX® SuperGrab 500 Vehicle-Grade Printable Magnetic Film

For super quick-change graphics on smooth, flat surfaces, look no further than our SuperGrab 500. This 500μ all-in-one flexible magnet is designed for magnetic-receptive surfaces, offering superior grab strength and ease of application. Whether you need graphics for vehicles, white goods, or any other metal surface, SuperGrab 500 delivers exceptional results.

SuperGrab 500 Overview:

  • Vehicle-grade 500μ printable magnetic vinyl
  • Superior grab strength
  • Designed for smooth, flat surfaces
  • Slim but strong design
  • All-in-one magnetic white film
  • Compatible with UV Curable inks

Discover the power of magnetic advertising with Papergraphics. 

Whether you're working for a small business looking to increase brand awareness or a large corporation launching a new campaign, our vehicle-grade printable magnetic films are the perfect solution for your customers' vehicle advertising needs. Call us on 0345 1300 662.

SuperGrab Vehicle-Grade Printable Magnetic Films

Hoogtepunten van het assortiment

  • Effortless application and removal: simply attach the SuperGrab vehicle-grade printable magnetic films to any metal vehicle surface and remove it just as easily for effortless campaigns or quick message changes.
  • Durable and weather-resistant: SuperGrab vehicle-grade printable magnetic films have a powerful magnetic grab strength and are made with high-quality materials, to withstand the elements, ensuring your message stays visible for longer.
  • All-in-one digitally-printable magnetic film suitable for smooth, flat surfaces and one-dimension soft curves. Perfect for vehicle graphics advertising, white goods and much more!
  • Cost-effective advertising: offer your customers a cost-effective magnetic advertising and promotional solution with SuperGrab vehicle-grade printable magnetic films.


  • Best Material for Magnetic Car Signs
  • Easy-Apply Vehicle Graphics
  • Advertising on Vehicles
  • White Goods & Magnetic Receptive Surfaces