The Stickybits range of market-leading lamination films for large-format print finishing

Stickybits is Papergraphics’ exclusive brand of finishing media that has become the most trusted brand name in the UK and overseas markets.

Leading the way is our popular range of lamination films. Whether you are over-laminating to protect graphics, add functionality, enhance an image or simply increase the durability and longevity of printed material – "Stickybits is the go-to range of tried and tested films known for their ease-of-use and outstanding all-around performance".

Well aware that our customers use a wide variety of different ink technologies, we are very proud to have created a range of specially-developed film that works with aqueous, eco-solvent, latex AND the notoriously difficult-to-laminate UV-curable inks. Stickybits lamination films are unrivalled, unique and universal and work brilliantly across all the ink types used in large-format printing.

Our range offers you a broad choice of finishes:

  • Exceptionally glossy
  • Matt
  • Satin
  • Textured
  • Crystal
  • Pressure sensitive
  • Certified anti-slip
  • Anti-graffiti
  • Dry-wipe gloss

All are available as short-term monomeric films and some as medium to long-term polymeric films.

Every product in the range has been engineered to include built-in UV inhibitors to keep images vibrant for longer. As an added bonus and to minimise downtime, aside from our standard 50m roll lengths, we also stock the most popular widths in whopping 100m rolls meaning that you save on the time and effort of frequent roll changes.

Whether you choose to work with our economy films or high-performance options, the Stickybits range of lamination films will finish the job to perfection.

Range Highlights

  • Part of the market-leading Stickybits range
  • Specifically engineered to cover, reinforce, protect and enhance images
  • Most trusted finishing brand in the UK and overseas
  • Offers ease-of-use and outstanding all-round performance
  • Wide choice of both economy films and premium, high-performance options
  • Broad choice of finishes: gloss (one of the glossiest in the market), matt, satin and textured crystal
  • Range also includes pressure sensitive, certified anti-slip, anti-graffiti and a dry-wipe gloss film
  • Range includes films for indoor and outdoor applications
  • Unrivalled and universal - works brilliantly across all the ink types used in wide-format printing
  • Engineered to work with aqueous, eco-solvent, latex AND the difficult-to-laminate UV-curable inks
  • Available as short-term monomeric films and medium/long-term polymeric films
  • Developed with inbuilt UV inhibitors for optimal image protection
  • Available as standard 50m roll lengths as well as huge 100m rolls to save on time-consuming roll changes

Market Opportunities

  • Art reproduction
  • Posters & Billboards
  • Banners
  • Floor graphics
  • Wall graphics
  • Photographic prints
  • Hotel graphic décor
  • Commercial graphic décor
  • Exhibition graphics
  • Event & Promotional graphics
  • Interior & Exterior signage
  • Corporate business cards
  • Invitations & calendars
  • Leaflets & Flyers
  • Brochure & Catalogue coverwork
  • POS & POP graphics
  • Advertising boards
  • Presentation artwork