The Stickybits range of market-leading encapsulation films for large-format print finishing

Papergraphics’ world-class Stickybits brand of finishing media is well established as the market leader and excels at giving customers exactly what they need for the perfect finish. With the guarantee of superior quality, durability, technical characteristics and ease-of-use, every product in the range has been tried, tested and optimised for outstanding performance.

The Stickybits range of encapsulation films has been refined down to a simple choice of two superb, all-rounder products that are perfectly suited to almost every graphic application.

In creating this universal range, we aimed to deliver the highest-quality, crystal clear media that would both protect your image and enhance the vibrancy of your printed graphics ... "and that’s precisely what Stickybits encapsulation films deliver".

Whether choosing to use our sophisticated non-reflective matt film or high-impact gloss option, each product has been specially manufactured to be low-melt thermal activated and offers the ultimate resistance to scuffing, scratching, tearing and UV light. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor the Stickybits encapsulation range is known for its long-term protection and remarkable ease-of-use for superior flat lamination with no waving or curling.

To find out more about our encapsulation range or if you need advice on how to set about including finishing as part of your service offering - just give us a call!

Range Highlights

  • Stickybits is a world-class and market-leading brand of finishing media
  • Encapsulation range to for every graphic application
  • Encapsulation films of superior quality and durability
  • Protects, enhances and weather-proofs graphics
  • Excellent technical characteristics
  • Optimised for outstanding performance
  • Delivers high, crystal clear quality
  • Choice of subtle non-reflective matt film or high-impact gloss
  • Films specially manufactured to be ‘low-melt thermal activated
  • Offers resistance to scuffing, scratching, tearing and UV light
  • Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications
  • Gives reliable long-term protection
  • Excellent flat lamination performance with no waving or curling

Market Opportunities

  • Promotional material
  • Food outlet Menus
  • Event programmes
  • Maps & guides
  • Document preservation
  • Pamphlets & Flyers
  • Display graphics & Artwork
  • Store catalogues
  • Event passes & ID cards
  • Reusable posters
  • Loyalty cards
  • Sales presenters
  • Blueprints
  • Banners
  • Posters