Secabo TS7 heat presses, the ultimate professional machines for high-end heat-transfer applications

The TS Series heat transfer presses are the choice for those needing heat press equipment to handle all of their heat transfer needs. Precisely designed to meet such demands, the Secabo TS Series swing-away heat presses are the professionals' choice! Reliable heat press machinery for delivering consistent results even when the pressure is on to provide higher-volume high-quality results.

Secabo TS7 SMART: the professional press for high-end applications - this swing-away heat press by Secabo is the professional's choice for garment finishing and personalisation.

With its convenient automatic swinging mechanism, the Secabo TS7 heat press offers a large 40cm x 50cm workspace for the comfortable placement of transfer objects. The automatic swing-away swivel direction is also adjustable to an angle of 110° on both the right or left. 

This workflow feature allows the operator to work efficiently and ensures that the heat press fits within just about any production environment. And with a press head adjustment range of up to 100mm, the Secabo TS7 delivers the essential flexibility required by professionals. 

The Secabo TS7 Smart is suitable for all known heat transfer methods and technology and is exceptionally user-friendly. The SMART Bluetooth interface and the Secabo SMART Transfer App offer complete instructions for multi-stage transfer and many other great features. 

This professional machine is modular, reconfigurable, and compatible with Secabo Softheat heat plate and Thermobase, quick-change systems, interchangeable base plates, the slide extension, and other productivity enhancements and accessories from Secabo.

However, based upon customer feedback, Secabo has already configured the ultimate TS7 Smart heat transfer press workhorse — take a look at "The Beast" below!

The Beast by Secabo: built upon the TS7 SMART and combining a unique membrane heat plate and heated base plate, "The Beast" is the ultimate configuration of the TS7 SMART Series heat presses. 

With its combination of a Secabo Softheat SH7 heat plate and Thermobase TB7, The Beast is the total professional's press for high-end applications and gentle garment transfers. For working quickly, protecting garments, and helping you solve practically every common heat transfer problem you may have previously experienced! It will help your master even the most demanding tasks. 

The core of The Beast is the TS7 SMART swing-away heat press. It is a high-performance, efficient machine that handles large prints with a work surface of 40cm x 50cm and comfortably manages transfer objects with a height of up to 10cm. 

The Beast's featured Secabo SH7 Softheat membrane heating plate automatically inflates once the press is closed. This new heating technology compensates for unevenness such as seams, pockets or buttons and significantly minimises heat marks. Pressure and temperature peaks at problematic areas such as buttons, collar, hem, and even shiny polo collars are a thing of the past.

Its Thermobase TB7 Secabo heated base plate is perfect for sensitive garments. This thermal base heat delivery method allows for an overall lower transfer temperature and shorter transfer times to minimise undesirable marks on garments. It also enables white toner transfers and sublimation transfers.

The Beast is also Bluetooth enabled and controllable using the Secabo App. The Secabo SMART Transfer App currently features the most extensive database of transfer parameters available on the market! You merely choose the type of fabric and the desired transfer media, and the App automatically retrieves the appropriate temperature, time and pressure settings.

Secabo designed The Beast to be the ultimate heat press for smooth, efficient, professional production. It also comes with the HP7 standard heat plate to optimise productivity in every heat transfer requirement.

"The above TS Series presses are highly capable and probably perfect for most professional's needs! But maybe you're looking for an automatic super high-volume or larger-format heat press to meet your needs?" "In that case, please take a look at our Secabo TP Series: Pneumatic & Automatic Heat Press page!"


  • Robust and intelligent engineering at its best
  • Quality, efficiency and ease of use.
  • Smart display functions and intuitive control.
  • Secabo App for a precise and efficient workflow.
  • Flexibility; can handle every heat transfer requirement.
  • Precise temperature distribution


  • No cons we can see so far ...
  • The only thing we can think of is that you may not like the colour Red!