Digital Print Laminating Films: Papergraphics and ASLAN; protecting your image for years!

Indoors and outdoors; whether protecting your prints, posters, floor or wall graphics images and signage from ultraviolet rays, rain, or general wear and tear. Or even safeguarding you from vandalism, ASLAN has a tried and tested large-format laminating film that'll do the job!

For a smooth surface with long-term protection from UV rays, weather and general wear, ASLAN's PremiumProtect SL 17 High-Gloss and PremiumProtect SL 18 Matt pressure-sensitive polyacrylate permanent self-adhesive softened protective films are the way to go! Both high-quality laminates are ideal for use with ASLAN digital printing vinyl but can also protect prints on paper, such as posters and plans, and painted and plastic surfaces.

ASLAN also has a PVC-Free lamination film made with 70% post-consumer recycled polyester! LoopLAM ASLAN SRL 19 is a glossy, highly-clear lamination film ideally suited to protect prints made with UV curable inks. LoopLAM SRL 19 laminate is not only PVC free but also has a solvent-free adhesive making it a planet-friendly lamination option for more sustainable digital printing. 

ASLAN has two excellent anti-slip protective laminating film solutions for large-format floor graphics; Outdoor FloorProtect ASLAN MP 326 and Premium FloorProtect ASLAN MP 300. 

ASLAN's outdoor FloorProtect MP 326 self-adhesive laminating film for floor graphics is a 125 µm thick film which protects floor graphics from mechanical damage and delivers the necessary health and safety slip resistance according to ASTM and DIN classifications. Its water-resistant adhesive makes it ideal for both outdoor and indoor applications.

Premium FloorProtect MP 300 is the highly slip-resistant floor graphics laminating film option from ASLAN with non-slip safety class R12. This 140 µm thick large-format printing self-adhesive laminating film for indoor and outdoor floor graphics is especially slip-resistant and fulfils various international non-slip safety standards. It has an R12 slip resistance classification and a DIN 51097 rating for wet barefoot walkways, which is mandatory for floor applications such as kitchens.

ASLAN has two speciality films for scratch-resistant anti-graffiti and paint-repellant protection against vandalism: AntiGraffiti ASLAN SL 95 and MagicProtect Matt ASLAN SL 99.

AntiGraffiti ASLAN SL 95 is a high-gloss self-adhesive polyester film with a special anti-graffiti protective coating. Graffiti can be removed quickly and easily from this highly scratch-resistant film without leaving any residue. It offers optimum protection from unwanted writing and dirt for various smooth, flat surfaces, ranging from printed products such as posters and plans to display cases, show cabinets, cabin walls and much more.

The protection film MagicProtect Matt ASLAN SL 99 also protects digital printing films and other surfaces against vandalism, graffiti and dirt. Spray paint and dirt slide off the matt surface of this self-adhesive film!

The 80 µm polymeric, softened PVC film works on smooth, flat and curved surfaces and can also be applied to rough surfaces with a heat gun when used as a laminate with a digital print. As spray paint will not adhere to the film's surface, it immediately deters vandals. MagicProtect Matt SL 99 works as a protective finish for digital prints or on its own and has an outdoor durability of three years.

Papergraphics is proud to be the UK importer and distributor of the exceptional ASLAN self-adhesive vinyl range. If you'd like to know more about availability or would like to discuss your project's needs with one of our specialist team, please call us on 0345 1300 662