Our training team can help you develop expertise in colour management and profiling

Not only does Papergraphics provide an expert colour management and profiling service, but we also hold training courses at every level from beginner right through to an advanced degree.

Colour management and profiling are broad and complicated subjects that can seem daunting to the user and, as a result, the practice gets ignored until something goes wrong, production is affected, or jobs get rejected.

For those aware that they do need to have their team trained up in colour management and profiling, the perceived complexity of the subject along with lack of knowledge can also lead to users not knowing what training may be needed. That’s where we come in.

To help make colour management easier, our team of specialists have developed a highly-effective, flexible and practical training approach that mixes level assessment and relevant colour theory with practical, hands-on training sessions. By using a modular approach, we can construct flexible training courses tailored precisely to your needs. Just tell us what you need to achieve, let us get a feel for how much you already know, and we’ll take it from there.

The positive feedback we have had to date proves that our approach to colour management training is highly-effective and indeed does produce results that can, in a short space of time, transform the way print-service providers manage colour, control quality, optimise workflow and minimise wastage across all of their machines.

All the equipment and software you will need is here at the Papergraphics training centre, and our knowledge and experience will ensure that you to make the most of your training sessions through hands-on experience and Q&A sessions on any particular aspect that requires a more detailed explanation.

Our singular aim is that our trainees come away from our training sessions with the knowledge and practical skills that they will need to improve their colour-management workflows and the confidence to apply their new skill sets to their print service businesses.

Training Modules can all be tailored to match your skill levels and meet your precise requirements.

Module 1: "Understanding and Managing Colour"
Described by many of our trainees as an eye-opening and fun session, it explains "why we see what we see" and how we can avoid the pitfalls of human sight when printing.

  • Essential knowledge for all colour management attendees
  • Previous experience in colour theory is not necessary

Module 2: "Basic Colour Management" A more in-depth, half-day course explaining how to control colour within the large-format, drop-on-demand printing industry. From inks to image and how all the pieces fit together.

  • Essential knowledge for anyone involved with colour reproduction
  • Necessary for anyone concerned with the creation of media profiles
  • Previous colour management experience is not required

Module 3: "Contone Profiling" A half-day course covering all aspects of the media profiling process using modern, contone printers suitable for those who have attended the "Understanding and Managing Colour" and "Basic Colour Management" courses.

  • Creating profiles
  • Choosing media presets
  • ICC profiling
  • Testing

Module 4: "Halftone Profiling" A one-day practical course covering all aspects of media profiling on halftone printers suitable for those who have attended the "Understanding and Managing Colour" and Basic Colour Management" courses

  • Ink restrictions
  • Linearisation
  • Ink Limiting
  • ICC Profiling
  • Resolution matching
  • Testing

Module 5: "Process Control" This practical course will explain how you can achieve colour output consistency on your printers week after week, year after year, and identify problems before they stop production.

  • Baseline calibrations
  • Measuring against international standards
  • Spot colour matching
  • Correcting errors

Module 6: "Profiling with HP Latex Printers" A practical course covering all aspects of media profiling on HP Latex printers. It is suitable for anyone who wants to achieve the best possible results and maximise production on their printer.

  • Profiling for quality
  • Profiling for speed
  • Accurate testing
  • No experience necessary

Module 7: "Profiling with Canon PRO printers" An advanced, practical course covering all aspects of media-profile creation on the Canon PRO range of printers.

  • Printer media creation
  • Calibration
  • ICC profiling
  • Recalibrations

To find out more – give us a call – as even a day’s training can make all the difference to your ability to manage colour with accuracy and ease.