Magnetics: make your life easier with Teslaflex™

Developed by Papergraphics, the Teslaflex system is a unique, printable ferrous film that works with a self-adhesive magnet-receptive base. The system can be applied to any dry, flat, interior surface and prints photographic-quality images. Changing or refreshing sales messages, updating promotional graphics, creating instant impact or reinforcing your brand has never been so quick and easy.

Whether used for point-of-sale, retail display, exhibitions or showrooms, Teslaflex is an intelligent magnetic-display system that is as simple to install as it is efficient.

We've also just launched a new one-step flexible-magnet product with a PET printable surface that can be applied to any metal surface and is a perfect solution for simple, interchangeable short-term promotional graphics.

All of our Teslaflex products can be repositioned, replaced, reconfigured and refreshed in an instant, making it an incredibly versatile and quick-change creative media system.

With Teslaflex media now available for all solvent, latex, and UV large-format printers, this is an exciting opportunity for customers looking to break new ground in the digital-display arena. To give you a snapshot of just how remarkably simple and effective Teslaflex is, have a glance at the video below!

Range Highlights

  • A unique product developed by Papergraphics
  • Groundbreaking printable magnetic film graphics system
  • Incredibly versatile and quick-change creative media system
  • Clean, fast, effective and simple to install
  • Simple 2-step system with ferrous film and magnetic backing
  • Can be applied to any flat indoor surface
  • Produces outstanding photographic-quality images
  • Compatible with all solvent, latex, UV and inkjet print technology
  • Also available as a one-step system with a PET printable surface

Market Opportunities

  • Exhibition Stand Displays
  • In-store promotional events
  • Retail display
  • Showroom Promotions
  • Foyers & waiting room display
  • Point-of-sale
  • Brand promotions
  • Hotels
  • Restaurants, cafés & bars